Aegis views the organisation as a system whose success depends on the interaction of its various functions, departments and parts. Our people are the keys to our success, and our achievements are a result of their engagement and unwavering commitment. We believe in treating each and every Aegisian like a family member – with respect and care. Their welfare is our greatest priority, and we uphold this by offering good working conditions and keeping them safe, healthy and engaged. We also provide numerous opportunities for Aegisians to upgrade their existing skills or learn new ones through training, which will help them contribute more to the workforce and lead a better life.

Moving Aegis Towards Excellent Team Bonding 2019

Aegisian got to know each other better and discussed on our priorities for 2019. The team bonding provided a great opportunity for junior executives to interact with supervisors and senior management. Together we are committed to serving you better in 2019.

Aegis unveiling our new brand! – Nov 17
Lunar 7th Month Prayer

Aegis held a Lunar 7th Month Prayer event on 7 September 2017. The event was also planned to brief our worker on Safety, Housekeeping and Training conducted by our Management Trainee/ Ops – Keane Koh.

Workers were also awarded in recognition of their outstanding performance in the delivery of safety at workplace and IPPT (Gold) award to our Operation Manager – Yue Kaiwen.

1st day of Fasting month 2017

At the same time, we’d also like to welcome Joseph and Twee Dee on-board the Aegis team!

New Year BBQ Gathering 2017

Aegis had recently held a New Year BBQ Gathering Event on 6 January 2017. The event was well planned and intended to show our appreciation and acknowledgement to our workers.

Aegisians Team

We take weekends as an opportunity to rest and conduct training and upgrading one’s skills. Here are some photos of electrical training carried out at training shed in Aegis.

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