Our focus on safety

We believe strongly in safety and will not compromise it in any way. We drive a safety culture and practice not only at work, but have also inculcated in our staff to have this mindset beyond the workplace.
All staff are trained in safety procedures and certified fit and competent before their deployment. Monthly safety meetings are conducted to discuss, operationalise and improve our safety measures. Different relatable topics such as Work at Height Risks and Measures, Workplace Safety and Health, Office Risks and Measures etc. are discussed monthly to ensure that the full spectrum of safety procedures are adequately covered with our staff at all times.

Regular safety training and daily safety tool box meetings are also conducted to serve as constant reminders to all staff and partners to abide by the safety rules and continue playing a crucial role in reducing incident rate and working towards achieving zero-accident and fatality.
We recognise staff with excellent safety mindset and practices. Each year, Safety Awards are given to staff for their zero-accident achievement, attitude and improvements made to achieve a safe workplace. These awards serve as the testimonial of the emphasis that we place on safety and every effort to make it a key institutional requirement.

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