Safety is Paramount

Aegis strongly believes that safety is paramount and shall not be compromised in any way. Not only do we practice safety at work, we also communicate this message to our employees and encourage them to have this mindset even outside the workplace.

Monthly safety meeting are conducted to highlight how we can improve on the safety measures. Different relatable topics are briefed on every month such as “Work at Height Risks and Measures”, “Workplace Safety and Health”, “Office Risks and Measures”, etc.

Regular Safety Training and daily safety tool box meeting were conducted to serve as a constant reminder to all stakeholders to abide the safety rules and continue playing a crucial role in reducing incident rate and working towards achieving zero-accident and fatality.

Aegis recognizes employees with excellent safety mindset and practices. Each year, there will be at least two safety awards ceremonies to commend the employees. Events like these remind the workers how high a priority “Safety” is and to constantly impart in them – the habits to carry out safely.

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