Corporate Social Responsibility

Aegis has always been actively working towards giving back to the society. We encourage a positive impact through social activities across all levels in Singapore, such as the following:

1. Donation & participation in the following “Golf Fund Raising”
  • bullets_iconHigh Point Community Services Association – Sponsor Golf Balls
  • bullets_iconSingapore Thong Chai Medical Institution
  • bullets_iconSingapore Public Free Clinic
  • bullets_iconLion Be-Frienders Service Association Singapore
  • bullets_iconThe Helping Hand Charity
  • bullets_iconAll Saint’s Home
2. Tana River Life Foundation – Corporate Sponsor
3. Pioneer Citizen Consultation Committee – Fund raising and Executive Committee member
4. Pioneer Community Club Management Centre – Fund raising (building) and Executive Committee member
5. South West Community Development Centre – Councillor (3 years) & Community member (6 years)
6. World Vision International
7. Yellow Ribbon Program
8. Donation of $20, 000 to Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA)
9. National Service Obligation:
  • bullets_iconTotal Defence Award
  • bullets_iconSAF Day Re-Dedication
10. Donation of $5, 100 to Children Cancer Foundation on Singapore 51st National Day.

11. Participated as Gold Sponsor in Society of Physical Disabled Charity Golf 2017
  • bullets_iconNation Heart Foundation Gold 2017
  • bullets_iconSCAL Charity Gold 2017
12. “Old Rafflesian Association” Charity Golf Tournament

13. 2017 SAF In-house Rededication Ceremony

Aegis have been actively participated in this year’ SAF In-house Rededication Ceremony.

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