Core Business Activities

  • bullets_iconEfficient and effective conserved/ current building maintenance works & services.
  • bullets_iconTotal conserved/ current Building Maintenance & Repair.
  • bullets_iconTradesmen (Builders/ Technician) for Hotel, Retails and MICE, performing all scope of handy men works and technician scope.
  • bullets_iconOne-stop conserved/ current maintenance and repair services to suit customer’s needs.
Our Specialties
  • bullets_icon Conservation Precon (association and direction of conservation Consultant)
  • bullets_icon Conserved Precon sampling, extraction and site test (under instructions of Consultant)
  • bullets_icon Conserved building structural stabilization (Probing) and Strengthening & Structural repairs
  • bullets_icon Conserved building external façade works such as surface preparation, anti-microbial treatment, strengthening (chemical) and reinstatement to formal glory
  • bullets_icon Lime plaster and Shanghai plaster restore

As Singapore is becoming more affluent, there is a growing want for gazetted conservation buildings and hence, a demand for a conservation specialist – this is where Aegis comes in.

Aegis has embarked on specialized conservators’ training and gained experience on this field. We have also built many strong ties with other conservation specialists (eg. Structural Repairs Malaysia Sdn Bhd & ASR Building Conservation) and prestigious institutes (Tong Ji University of China, Shanghai – Dr. Dai ShiBing).

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